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Homeland Security Enablement through real-time device intelligence, big data and analytics.


Conforming to the most demanding homeland security requirements

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, offering a multitude of functions and capabilities. As a result, the amount of data generated by these devices has skyrocketed. Safer, our innovative solution, harnesses the power of this data and presents it on a visually stunning, detailed map. This not only helps mobile service providers stay compliant with security regulations but also allows them to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Our flexible solution caters to all the diverse needs of service providers and can be accessed via the Cloud, On-premises, or through a Virtualized Application. With Safer, mobile service providers can unlock the full potential of their data and ensure a secure and seamless experience for their users.


Key Benefits

  • Homeland Security Requirements
    Proactively meet the standards set by Homeland Security, playing a vital role in maintaining a secure and resilient nation.
  • Support Law Enforcement Authorities
    Enhance collaboration with law enforcement by equipping them with the latest resources and technology, to effectively combat crime and protect your nation.

  • Save On Homeland Security Adherence Costs
    Cut down on expenses and minimize the time and energy needed to comply with the most up-to-date homeland security regulations.
  • Save Care Costs
    Gain valuable customer insights and reduce customer care expenses by automating service activation in real-time.


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  • Collect And Store Data
    Safer gathers and stores data on changes in the triplet (MSISDN, IMEI, IMSI) from mobile devices, encompassing information about device location and device attributes.
  • Search And Locate
    Find and track devices and in real-time, while exploring the device location history on a dynamic, global map interface.
  • View Subscribers And Devices
    For authorized users such as police departments and homeland security, Safer offers the ability to explore a multitude of device details, including the device name, device modifications and location history.
  • Collaborative Tool
    Safer is an innovative collaborative tool that offers a highly secure remote access solution for a diverse range of stakeholders, including operators, police departments, and national and international investigation organizations. With customizable user-rights, Safer empowers these stakeholders to collaborate effectively and efficiently in a secure environment.
  • Trigger Alert Notifications
    Safer takes collaboration to the next level by providing authorized users the ability to receive real-time push notifications via SMS and email. These notifications are automatically triggered by a wide range of configurable events, such as changes in devices, owners, SIM cards, and even locations. Security is our top priority, as we empower you to collaborate effectively and efficiently in a secure environment.

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