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Gaining a comprehensive insight into the devices connected to your network is crucial in order to effectively meet all the requirements of your customers.

Device Intelligence

Unparalleled Device Information

Device Intelligence empowers you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mobile and cellular devices that are either connected to your network or exist within your ecosystem. With our vast library of Type Allocation Codes (TAC), we can accurately identify the device type, determine its make and model, and provide you with extensive information about its capabilities. By leveraging our services, you can gain valuable insights into your device population and find answers to important questions such as:

  • How powerful are the devices that my customers use?

  • How can I increase ARPU and reduce my support costs?

  • What models generate the most traffic on my network?

  • How many 5G devices are on my network?


Unrivalled Device Capabilities

Every day, we enable endless customer experiences, fuelling our status as a trailblazer in the telecommunications industry.
Device Intelligence

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive Data
    Tap into an unparalleled wealth of device information from the largest database in the world. Our commitment to service level agreements ensures that this valuable resource is continuously updated on a weekly basis.
  • Real-time Access
    Enhance the customer experience by customizing services and content in real time according to each device's unique capabilities.
  • Counterfeit Detection
    Identifying and reporting counterfeit IMEI allows for effective containment and handling of devices that are not supported.

  • Data Analysis
    Harness the power of collected data to drive in-depth analysis of device market penetration and capabilities.
  • Trustworthy
    Unlock the power of collected data to fuel in-depth analysis of device market penetration and capabilities, all backed by our trusted model. This ensures that our device information repository stands as the most robust in the industry.
  • Intelligence
    Leverage the extensive and high-quality device information gathered in Device Intelligence to empower integrators in identifying customer needs and trends. 


Discover the power of our collaboration with the GSMA by reading our joint case study. Gain insights into how we empower mobile operators to make smarter business decisions and enhance the overall customer experience.

Device Management Center


  • Flexable Integration Options
    Enhance your business insight by seamlessly integrating our Device Intelligence using our versatile API, CSV, and JSON formats.
  • Continuously Updated
    Our cutting-edge processes ensure that our database is constantly refreshed, providing support for the newest devices available in the market.
  • New Data Points
    Constantly expanding our data points through the power of emerging technologies and valuable customer feedback.
  • Trusted Source Of Truth
    Gain a deep understanding of the origin of each data point and the methods employed to validate its accuracy and reliability.
  • Identify All Devices
    Effortlessly recognize all genuine GSMA devices that connect to your network using their IMEI, TAC Code, or Browser User Agent.
  • Understand Your Subscriber Base
    Explore a vast array of information with the ability to query up to 500 data points regarding the equipment, its platform, and applications.
  • Tailor Experiences
    Enhance the customer experience by customizing it to suit the unique capabilities of their device.
  • Enable Real-time Big Device Analytics
    Gain valuable insights into your customer base and the devices connected to your network, allowing you to analyze and understand them at any given moment.
Device Intelligence

Extensive Device Information


• Reverse Charging Support

• Camera 8K Video Support

• Total Virtual RAM Allocation

• IPV6 Support

• Device Launch Date

• Manufacturers RRP

• OS Skin Version At Launch

• OS Version At Launch

• VoLTE Support

• VoNR Support

• VoWiFi Support

• Device Eco Rating

• Sim Count

• Sim Form Factor

• WiFi Security Types Support

• NR-5GCA Bands Support

• Battery 5G Standby Time

• Battery 5G Talk Time

• Battery Type

• Fast Charge Support

• Max Charger Wattage

• Reverse Charging

• Camera 8K Video Support

• Camera Touch Focus

• Front Camera Digital Zoom Factor

• Front Camera Max Video Resolution

• Front Camera Maximum Resolution

• Rear Camera Ambient Light Sensor

• Rear Camera Laser Focus

• Video Play Back Video Size

• Removable Memory Hot Swap Support

• SDHC Support

• Tested Device Internal Memory

• Max Carrier Aggregation Number

• Security Support

• Supported WiFi Version


• Marketing Name

• TAC Code

• Vendor UA Profile URL

• OS Name

• OS Vendor

• OS Version

• NR-5G Peak Upload

• Wireless Charging

• LTE UE Class

• Hybrid SIM

• UI Languages



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