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We are leading provider of telecom business intelligence and device management solutions. Enabling millions of customer journeys every day through our range of capabilities covering Mobile, Broadband/IoT and Subscriber management. 

Helping operators to deliver better customer experiences, optimize their operations, boost profitability, and enhance their security.

We are more than just a vendor, we are a trusted advisor who listens to your needs, aligns with your strategy, and delivers value-added solutions to any challenge.

  • 01 Our Vision
  • 02 Our History
  • 03 Our Locations

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide seamless and secure connectivity across mobile, tablet, wearable, IoT and broadband devices and empower our clients with the best tools and insights to succeed in a dynamic and competitive telecoms industry.

We truly believe that the networks we look after, are the ones that are efficient, growth oriented and forward looking.



Our history

We have a rich history of innovation and excellence, dating back to the mid-90s when WDS & Sicap were established as pioneers in device management and business intelligence. Since then, we have diversified our offerings to include customer engagement and insight, device knowledge, mobile security and device entitlement. 
wds and sicap

In 2023, we merged the two companies into one unified brand WDS-SICAP, bringing together the best of both worlds. We have a talented and passionate team of mobile experts, with diverse backgrounds and skills in various industries and technologies. 


We are a proud member of Lumine Group, one of the world's most eminent communications and media software conglomerates. Lumine Group (TSXV: LMN) acquires, strengthens, and grows vertical market software businesses in the Communications and Media industry.  

For a deeper dive into the expansive world of Lumine Group, visit



Our Locations

We are a truly global company with offices located in the UK, South Africa, Tunisia, Switzerland, France and India and operational presence in many more countries.

We serve clients across the world, with over 60 mobile operators, MVNOs and partners in 20 countries. Our headquarters are located in Bournemouth, UK and Zug in Switzerland.



“We are able to solve problems that modern communication services providers are facing today, through deep domain knowledge and innovative technology products.”
Olivier EngelChief Executive Officer, WDS-SICAP

Meet the Team

We have over 50 employees who are passionate and talented professionals who share a common goal: to make telecoms better for everyone. We have experts in care, data science, software engineering, and customer service. We are always looking for new talent to join our team and help us achieve our vision.



Olivier Engel Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Olivier leads our mission to deliver seamless and secure connectivity solutions. With a strong engineering background and 20 years of experience, 15 in telecommunications, he joined us in 2011 as VP of Professional Services and R&D, playing a key role in software design for flagship products in Device Management.

Andy Sweetman Chief Technology Officer

Andy oversees the development and delivery of cutting-edge solutions for various verticals. With over 20 years of software engineering experience, he has successfully led projects in IoT, cloud, and AI. Andy is passionate about creating value for customers by solving complex challenges with scalable, secure, and user-friendly technology. 

Catalina Fontan VP Professional Services

Catalina leads the Professional Services team, bringing expertise in systems integration, deployment, project management, and pre-sales. With a two-decade career at a top multinational TelCo and IT company, she has a proven record of implementing projects and optimizing operations. Collaborate with Catalina for unparalleled proficiency and innovation in delivering operational excellence.

Aleksandra Ivockina Chief Financial Officer

Aleksandra manages the company’s finances, reports, and internal controls. With over a decade of auditing experience in Big4 firms in the UK and Europe, and more than six years in finance roles in the UK telecommunications and software industry, she excels in driving innovation, improving business efficiency, and ensuring high-quality internal control and reporting.

Sachie Bristow Director of Sales & Marketing

Sachie leads the sales team in delivering innovative software solutions for telecom operators and service providers. With over 20 years of experience in the telco software industry, he works with major clients worldwide. Leveraging his call center management experience, Sachie empathizes with clients' needs and is passionate about helping them achieve their business goals.

Martin Clayton Head of Maintenance & Managed Services

Martin leads a diverse, global team across four continents with over two decades of telecom experience. Known for his customer-centric approach and expertise in device testing, his teams provide managed services and technical support to 60+ partners and clients worldwide.




Sandeepan Bose Head of Product & Engineering

Sandeepan leverages his extensive telecom software industry experience and domain expertise to deliver exceptional connectivity solutions. He excels at collaborating with our partners and clients to solve complex problems effectively, particularly in mobile device management, subscriber engagement, and provisioning.

Yusuf Osman Head of Technical Maintenance

Yusuf oversees the technical operations of our products and services. He joined us in 2005 as an IT Manager and quickly rose to lead the technical operations team. He manages and monitors the company's technical support functions and ensures that our technical infrastructure and systems are always up to date. Yusuf guarantees exceptional technical support to our customers and partners.

Haythem Ouni Customer Projects Delivery Manager

Haythem leads professional services delivery, collaborating with customers, developers, and engineers to achieve project goals. With 13+ years of experience in global Telco projects, he drives successful delivery while balancing customer satisfaction and our business goals.

Abdeltif Bensaddik
Abdeltif Bensaddik Sales Director

Abdeltif Bensaddik is a sales director with a diverse background in science and technology. He holds a PhD in physical chemistry from Paris XI university and has worked as a scientist in the USA, France, and the Netherlands. In 2001, he made a career change to Telecommunication and IT and became part of our team in 2007. He is responsible for managing our key accounts in Africa, Middle East, and some European regions.

textured background D
Dmitry Suprunov Account Director

Dmitry acts as a bridge between clients and WDS-Sicap, managing the accounts team and overseeing all customer-related activities. He ensures that projects meet client expectations, are delivered on time, and within budget. Dmitry is proactive and customer-oriented, maintaining strong client relationships by working closely with all stakeholders to identify their needs and develop strategies that align with market trends and bring added value to the customer.

Prarit Goel Manager Technical Support

Prarit manages the technical support team. He has 15+ years of experience, joining in 2016 as a Support Engineer and quickly advancing to become an Integration and Deployment Expert. For the past 2+ years, he has been managing the technical operations team. Prarit supervises 20+ product support for customers and monitors our technical support functions, ensuring that customer queries are resolved within the SLA.

Soon Chai Hsiung Integration and Deployment Expert

As a key member of the professional services team, he takes pride in his role as an integration and deployment expert. He oversees the successful execution of customer projects and collaborates with customers, developers, and teammates to ensure timely and high-quality delivery. He also provides valuable pre-sale support to align decisions with customer business objectives.

Andrew Cassidy
Andrew Cassidy Marketing Manager

Andrew brings a unique blend of marketing expertise and psychological insight to drive compelling consumer engagement. His approach is rooted in understanding consumer behavior and leveraging this knowledge to develop innovative marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences. With a keen focus on data analysis and consumer psychology, He has a proven track record of crafting impactful campaigns and optimizing brand messaging to create meaningful connections with consumers.


Are you looking for a rewarding career in a dynamic and innovative company? Do you want to be part of a team that values your skills, talents and ideas? If so, you should join us at WDS-SICAP!