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Maximize profits and enhance customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art mobile management solutions.

Device Entitlement Server

Entitle and orchestrate millions of devices, efficiently

Device Entitlement Server (DES) manages entitlement of various IMS services on devices and seamless pairing of next-generation eSIM enabled wearable devices, allowing effortless transfer of account from one device to another with eSIM. It simplifies and enhances mobile device users' experience.

DES automates the entitlement process using Apple, Samsung and GSMA TS.43 Standards and acts as a gateway for the On-Device Service Activation (ODSA) App, so users can enjoy all the mobile features.

Device Entitlement Server

Key Benefits

  • Grow Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
    Facilitates the smooth adoption of new services through seamless automatic entitlement.
  • Speed Up Go-To-Market (GTM)
    Streamline the process of activating mobile devices of all kinds.
  • Reduce Costs
    Seamlessly embrace the power of technology with our Cloud Native approach, providing effortless access to cutting-edge solutions.
  • Boost VoLTE Adoption
    Provides the fastest system for managing the next generation services.
  • Improved Customer Experience
    Enables customers to effortlessly transfer their eSIM subscription when upgrading their primary device.
  • Increase subscriptions and upsell companion devices
    Attract more subscribers and enhance subscription rates by offering flawless connectivity across all their companion devices, including popular options like the Apple Watch and Samsung Watch.
  • Great reliability
    The platform operates in a lightning-fast and highly accessible environment, guaranteeing constant updates for the most cutting-edge devices.


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Device Entitlement Server


  • eSIM Account Transfer
    The Device Entitlement Server empowers seamless transfer of eSIM profiles between primary and secondary subscriber devices. When eSIM device users upgrade to a new eSIM device, the Device Entitlement Server becomes essential in effortlessly transferring the eSIM profile across devices.
  • Preferred Roaming Networks
    Ability to update the PLMN configuration for Apple Users.
  • Primary Device VoWifi Entitlement
    The Device Entitlement Server grants access to the VoWiFi service by validating subscriptions and exclusively permitting authorized and authenticated devices to utilize this feature.
  • Secondary/Companion Device Provisioning
    The Device Entitlement Server seamlessly facilitates the transfer of profiles to eSIM wearable devices, effortlessly connecting users' companion devices to their primary device and unlocking the full range of its features.
  • Primary Device VoLTE Entitlement
    The Device Entitlement Server ensures that only authorized and authenticated devices can access the VoLTE service by verifying subscriptions and providing entitlement.
  • Websheet Integration
    The Device Entitlement Server comes with a standard websheet by default, but also offers the option for API integration with an external websheet server to retrieve the latest terms and conditions, as well as pricing plan information.
  • Powerful Analytics
    The Device Entitlement Server features a robust analytics platform, powered by Kibana and Elasticsearch, that allows for real-time analysis of device and subscriber data. It comes equipped with pre-built dashboards that can be exported for further analysis.
  • Multi-tenancy Support
    The Device Entitlement Server (DES) allows for multiple operators or companies to be hosted within a single logical instance, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for managing multiple entities.
  • SM-DP+ Integration
    The Device Entitlement Server can be integrated with any SM-DP+ provider, allowing for the delivery of encrypted credentials to eSIMs (eUICC) and the downloading of profile packages.
  • Cloud Native
    The Device Entitlement Server is both cloud-native and cloud-agnostic.
Device Entitlement Server

Powerful Use Cases


  • Apple One-Click Transfer
  • Apple Watch One-Number
  • Apple Watch Family Setup
  • VoWiFi Entitlement
  • VoLTE Entitlement
  • Personal Hotspot Entitlement
  • Preferred Roaming Network List
  • iMessage / FaceTime Registration


  • Companion Device Shared Number
  • Companion Device Different Number


  • ODSA Primary Device Account Transfer
  • ODSA Companion Device Same Number
  • ODSA Companion Device Different Number
  • VoWiFi Entitlement
  • Voice Over Cellular Entitlement

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