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2/28/24 10:36 AM2 min read

Employee Spotlight:Yusuf Osman

Employee Spotlight: Yusuf Osman, Head of Technical Operations


At WDS Sicap, we believe our team is the heartbeat of our success. In this blog series, we're shining a well-deserved spotlight on the incredible individuals who make up our talented workforce.

From developers to marketers, customer service representatives to project managers, each member of our team brings unique skills, experiences, and passions to the table. Through these spotlight features, we'll delve into the stories behind the titles, uncovering what drives and inspires our team members both personally and professionally.

Join us as we celebrate the diverse talents and unwavering dedication of the people who make WDS Sicap not just a company, but a community.

This month We are excited to feature Yusuf Osman in this month's employee spotlight blog! Yusuf is the Head of Technical Operations at WDS-Sicap, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. He plays a vital role in managing the support team, DevOps, IT, Infrastructure, and ensuring smooth operations on the AWS and OCI cloud platforms.

Yusuf's journey at WDS-Sicap began in 2005 as a Device Tester. Over the years, he worked his way up the ladder, taking on various roles such as IT manager and Service Delivery Manager before landing in his current position. His dedication and drive to learn and grow within the company have propelled him to his current leadership position.

One of the things Yusuf enjoys the most about his job is the great teams he works with across the business, including Lumine Group. He finds them helpful and collaborative, always ready to tackle challenges together. Yusuf appreciates the continuous learning opportunities and values the knowledge exchange that happens between different teams.

When asked about a memorable project or achievement, Yusuf highlighted his involvement in selling the ADM solution to Vodacom South Africa and Telkom South Africa. Despite facing tough competition, the successful sale and the ongoing use of the solutions have been a significant win for WDS-Sicap.

Yusuf believes that strong technical skills and analytical thinking are essential for success in his role. He emphasizes the importance of staying up to date with the latest technologies and fostering knowledge-sharing among the different teams.

Reflecting on his career so far, Yusuf is most proud of his growth within WDS-Sicap. Starting as a Device Tester and steadily climbing the ranks, he has overcome challenges and continually developed his skills and expertise.

Yusuf credits his mentors and influencers - Andy Sweetman, Sachie Bristow, and Martin Clayton - for their significant impact on his career. Their guidance and support have been instrumental in his professional growth.

To stay motivated and continue to grow professionally, Yusuf finds inspiration and learning opportunities in the environment and teams he works with at WDS-Sicap. The daily challenges they face stimulate his growth, and he actively seeks tasks that enable him to learn from different people.

For aspiring professionals looking to pursue a similar career path, Yusuf offers valuable advice. He encourages them to be proactive and willing to take on tasks, keep themselves updated on the latest technologies, and never hesitate to ask for clarification when needed.

Outside of work, Yusuf is an outdoors enthusiast. He enjoys activities such as horse riding, super biking, and cycling, which allow him to appreciate nature and recharge his energy.

Yusuf Osman's journey at WDS-Sicap is truly remarkable, showcasing the positive impact of dedication, continuous learning, and a growth mindset. We are proud to have him as part of our team, leading our technical operations with passion and expertise.