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Strategic Merger
1/1/23 6:51 PM2 min read

WDS & Sicap announce strategic merger

WDS & Sicap announce strategic merger

London, Jan 19th 2023 – WDS Mobile and Sicap are thrilled to announce they have entered into a merger agreement to combine their businesses. The merger will bring together the strengths of both businesses to create a stronger, more competitive company that will be better positioned to strategically serve customers and sustain organic growth.

Both WDS Mobile and Sicap are Lumine Group companies, and veterans of the device data and management space with almost a combined 60 years serving the telecommunications industry. With a shared vision for providing seamless and secure connectivity across mobile, tablet, wearable, IoT and broadband devices, this consolidation combines the resources and expertise required to deliver exciting new capabilities to customers.

Lumine Group believes this bond of product strategies will provide the most in-depth device database on the market coupled with a broad range of Modules supporting Mobile, Broadband/IoT, and Subscribers. This move helps leverage the strengths of different product lines and technologies to create more comprehensive solutions

The merger of WDS Mobile & Sicap ushers in an exciting new era for both businesses,” said Sachie Bristow, joint CEO of the new operation. “The two companies have a strong track record in supporting, managing, and understanding network-connected devices. There are clear synergies, and our combined product portfolio will allow us to serve a greater range of needs than ever before.”

This merger is a triple win for both WDS Mobile, Sicap, and Lumine Group.  Our customers can benefit from access to an even wider range of products and services, our employees can explore exciting new career opportunities, and the Group will be positioned to achieve greater organic growth in 2023.”, said Tony Garcia, Group Leader at Lumine Group.

This strategic change, effective January 1st 2023, will also bring together a highly skilled team of mobile experts, with a diverse range of experience in various industries and technologies. The combined team, with presence in the UK, US, France, South Africa, Portugal, Switzerland and India will work together to deliver mobile solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer, providing a seamless and personalized mobile experience.


About WDS Mobile

WDS Mobile is making the customer experience better, all the way from taking a new mobile phone out of the box through to the call center and self-care. WDS Mobile’s suite of multi-channel knowledge Management, Device Intelligence, Mobile Device Management, Professional Services and Consulting helps brands deliver a more effective and consistent customer experience.


About Sicap

Sicap enables any mobile device to connect seamlessly; reducing operator costs and increasing revenue potential. Our device management hub equips Communication Service Providers for the next generation of connected devices, whilst building their understanding of subscribers to gain insights, create tailored services, connect with them and, ultimately, drive new revenue streams.

Sicap leverages 25+ years of expertise in device management and unrivaled device knowledge to deliver a premium service. Our products are continually updated to anticipate and adapt to market changes, as well as customers’ needs. Our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with our customers.


About Lumine Group

Lumine Group is a leading global acquirer of communications & media software businesses. Lumine Group architects the future of connectivity in the communication and media industry by providing an ecosystem with access to a network of global, like-minded professionals, customers, and partners. Lumine Group is an indirect subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. (TSX:CSU). Learn more at