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4/26/24 2:47 PM2 min read

Employee Spotlight: Haythem Ouni

Employee Spotlight:Haythem Ouni, Project Manager 

This month, we're putting the spotlight on Haythem Ouni, a Project Manager here at WDS-SICAP. Based in Tunisia, Haythem plays a vital role in leading and synchronizing the different contributors on our Professional Resources projects.

Haythem's career journey is an impressive one. He started out in 2010 as a subcontractor engineer installing GSM equipment for telecom operators. His leadership skills were quickly recognized, and he was promoted to a deployment coordinator role managing subcontractor teams for the rollout of Orange Tunisia's 3G network.

In 2014, Haythem joined the multinational PMO team at Huawei Northern Africa, spending four years spearheading 3G and 4G telecom projects across Africa and the Middle East. His move to WDS-SICAP in 2018 allowed him to take on new challenges in the VAS and telecom technology space while gaining experience in remote collaboration.

When asked what he enjoys most about his current role, Haythem cites the daily interaction with the remote WDS-SICAP team. "We work as a family under the same roof despite the geographical and cultural differences," he says.

One particularly memorable career highlight for Haythem was in 2014 when his team at Huawei Algeria had the immense challenge of installing and launching Phase 1 of their 3G network in under 6 months. Haythem was part of the "SWAT team" that worked 16-20 hour days, sometimes even sleeping at the office, to successfully meet that daunting deadline.

Ownership and leadership are the essential skills that Haythem believes drive success in his project management role. He takes pride in being transparent with customers while staying loyal to WDS-SICAP. His management philosophy is to push his team to challenge their potential for growth.

When he needs inspiration, Haythem looks to famous influencers like John Maxwell, Jon Gordon, and Simon Sinek. But he also finds motivation in accepting new professional challenges that allow him to continuously develop his skills.

Haythem's advice for others pursuing a similar career path? "Believe in yourself, don't be afraid of new challenges, learn from your mistakes, and always look forward."

Outside of work, Haythem enjoys unwinding by playing video games, watching shows and documentaries, and indulging his interests in vinyl record collecting and music production on a synthesizer and sequencer.

We're grateful to have such a dedicated and experienced manager like Haythem on the WDS-SICAP team! His leadership, drive and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset.