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6/28/24 11:55 AM1 min read

Employee Spotlight: Bo Jones

Employee Spotlight: Bo Jones, Support Team Analyst 


This month, we're putting the spotlight on Bohuslava Jones,  a Support Team Analyst here at WDS-SICAP. Based in Poole, UK, Bo plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of various aspects of the company's operations. Let's delve into Bo's remarkable journey and her invaluable insights.

Bo's career at WDS-SICAP began in 2009 when she started working for an agency and later joined the UK team. Her journey involved starting on the HTC support line and then transitioning to the Knowledge Team, where she has been an integral part ever since.

In her current role, Bo is responsible for Quality Control for CP, image editing, creating power queries in Excel, and administering JIRA. Her upcoming endeavor includes learning about Microsoft Dynamics 365, showcasing her commitment to continuous growth.

Bo appreciates the dynamic nature of her job, where technological advancements and constant changes keep her engaged. A notable achievement in her career includes being part of the team that created Autofix, a component of the DM solution, which remotely fixed access point settings for devices.

Bo emphasizes the willingness to learn new things as crucial for success in her role. She is proud of being selected to work on the Platform Engineering project, which aims to introduce automation to tasks, making life easier for everyone in the company.

Bo acknowledges the significant impact of her mentor, Martin Clayton, and the ongoing support from Yusuf Osman and Prarit Goel. Her love for learning and the inherent interest in her work naturally drive her motivation and professional growth.

For those aspiring to pursue a similar career path, Bo advises them not to be afraid and emphasizes the ever-evolving and rewarding nature of the sector. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, beach walks, and exploring the beautiful surroundings of Dorset.

Bo's journey at WDS-SICAP exemplifies dedication, continuous learning, and a positive mindset, making her an invaluable asset to the company. Her commitment to professional growth and unwavering support from mentors and colleagues reflect her exemplary work ethic and passion for learning.